OpenFOAM understand the challenges of modern companies workflow. Our long term goal is building bridges between top-class development and real practice. In the past we have received many requirements on providing and supporting OpenFOAM® software under Microsoft Windows. As a result, we have delivered to the market OpenFOAM® for Windows.OpenFOAM® for Windows is fully supported, see General OpenFOAM® Support. OpenFOAM® for Windows is maintained regularly updated together with latest OpenFOAM® versions.

可以安裝window10/7 的另一個流體力學設計模擬程式

MicroCFD currently offers a free STL file viewer, a 2D and axisymmetric virtual wind tunnel, and a 3D virtual wind tunnel. The virtual wind tunnel software is offered with 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year licensing terms after a 14-day trial period; the educational edition is free. Discounted multi-year licensing is available upon request. Please select one of the following for further details:

這是一個基於 STL檔的風場(風洞)模擬視覺系統。普通人可以免費試用14天,學生則是免費。可以把東西整體設計好,再善用時間統一驗證。